This campaign utilizes the Star Wars RPG books published before the SAGA edition.
The rules are akin to 3.5 DnD in every regard except for the Vitality point system, and the effects of armor.

This campaign began as a pet project for a group of friends bored at work, and quickly grew into a full-fledged campaign about a group of vagabonds that became a new breed of Jedi through the acquisition of ancient Holocrons.

The campaign is ongoing as of this moment.

Character List:
Thalia Errfib — An Ewok tech specialist and blasterslinger.

Ial-Buk — A Kel-Dorian Jedi Guardian who lived most of his life as a Martial Artist and Soldier in the Kel-Dor Military.

Therion Dusker — A natural Force-user who was ousted by his parents to the Empire, and was forced into a life of exile.

Eemi — A Zabrak Force Adept and treasure hunter, with special ability in learning languages and accessing ancient technology. Newest member of the group.

Beh’wagi — A Twi’lek sneakthief and infiltrator, currently contracted by the group to infiltrate dangerous locations and aquire intel and items.

Brakaz — A powerfully strong and intelligent Wookiee who was forced off of his home planet due to his conniving nature and dastardly scheming. He is now known as “Dread Pirate Brakaz” in the Zann Consortium.

Ki Lyssk — A Force Adept Trandoshan noble who was forced to flee her home planet or risk her family’s life. She was a quick master of the lightsaber, and died saving the group from a raging Sith Lord easily twice her level.

Star Wars: The Lost Empire